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    Working Group III / 1 - Pose Estimation and Surface Reconstruction from Image and/or Range Data, 2008-2012


General Plan of Activities



In order to achieve the goals expressed in its Terms of Reference, the WG is organising concrete activities within its 4-year time plan. Below we list our proposed activities planned up to 2012. This activity plan will be updated and augmented continuously.  Remarks and proposals, including new activities, are welcomed and should be sent to the WG secretary.

In our activities mentioned below we will co-operate with other ISPRS WGs and Technical Commissions, ISPRS National, Regional and Sustaining Members, as well as other organizations such as the International Association for Pattern Recognition (ICPR), the Institute of Electrical and Electronical Engineers (IEEE) as well as the organizing committees of thze major conferences such as the International, European, and Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV, ECCV, ACCV).


Planned activities:

  1. Establishment of a WEB page for the working group.
  2. Preparation of datasets for pose estimation as well as surface reonstruction.
  3. Organization of tests evaluating the potential of approaches for pose estimation and surface reconstruction in cooperation with other interested groups.
  4. Active participation in the Technical Commission III Symposium, September 2010, Paris and the 22nd ISPRS Congress, September 2012, Melbourne.
  5. Organisation of events (workshops, seminars, tutorials) especially within the frame of other ISPRS or computer vision events. Currently, the following events are planned:
    • Photogrammetric Image Analysis, Munich, September 2011.
    • Other events, especially for 2009, will be proposed soon
  6. Collection of relevant WEB links.
  7. Preparation of annual reports for ISPRS, as well as preparation of reports on WG-cosponsored events and WG news to be published in the ISPRS Highlights.
  8. Organisation of a Business Meeting during the Technical Commission III Symposium and participation in Com. VI Business Meetings, incl. formulation of WG-related resolutions for the next ISPRS Congress.